One of the most frustrating issues I’ve had as a new acrylic pour artist was figuring out exactly how much paint I need for my acrylic pour.

Too much and you push off the outside of your design while tilting.

Too little and you can’t cover your painting surface.

This acrylic pour paint calculator will give you a good approximation of how much paint you need for your acrylic pour.

Please keep in mind that every pour is going to be slightly different based on the medium, the paints, the pouring surface, temperature, etc. More information about these factors can be found in this article: How Much Paint to Use for an Acrylic Pour.

I encourage you to keep track of how much paint you use for your pouring style and adjust the amounts as necessary.

Don’t forget to download and install my acrylic paint calculator cheat sheet that has common canvas sizes and the amount of paint you need for each.