About LeftBrainedArtist

Come Make Mistakes With Us

David Voorhies

That right, we want you to make mistakes. If you are anything like us, you learn from failure far more than you do from success. The key is, to make different mistakes every time so that you are always new things.

Acrylic paint pouring isn’t any different. The first pour he ever did, our founder David Voorhies made a serious mess on his kitchen table. The pour turned out too thin, full of paint chunks, and it used a dull color pallet.

The next day David poured again with the same colors, albeit slightly thicker and well mixed, and this time the pour turned out much prettier, but far from perfect.

For David, that same process has been repeated over and over for the last few years. New techniques, new paints, new pouring mediums, new additives, and new tools have all been added to his ever growing repertoire.

New failures and new experience have followed. These failures, experiences, and the lessons learned are chronicled in the articles here on lefbrainedartist.com.

Our Mission

We genuinely believe that anyone can be successful with acrylic paint pouring. We want others to learn from our mistakes, to make their own mistakes, to embrace those mishaps as opportunities for growth, and to feel the thrill of creating something spectacular. And then, to do it all over again tomorrow!